Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve last posted but once again things have been busy and some of it not planned, so I’ll keep this post brief so that the next one I post will be more meaningful, anyway here is what has been happening:

Groovin The Moo Festival

You Me At Six

You Me At Six @ Groovin The Moo Festival 2015

The crew at The AU Review asked me to cover the regional festival called Groovin The Moo down in Bunbury, Western Australia this year which I was happy to do and I do have found memories of the last time I’d covered that festival in 2013. This years lineup featured the likes of WolfmotherCharli XCXYou Me at SixPeachesHilltop Hoods and more, the day itself was bathed in glourious sunshine which made it a lot easier and the crowd on the day were friendly and easy to get along.

My favourite set to photograph was UK’s You Me at Six, the energy in that set was incredible and having the singer Josh Franceschi posing around on stage made a photographer’s job more easier. I was suprised with how good Wolfmother’s set was, I thought they would be disappointing live after hearing all the stories about the lineup changes and how singer Andrew Stockdale is difficult to work with, they actually impressed me live and the lighting during that set was awesome so getting photos of that was enjoyable too. The most disturbing set had to go to Canada’s Peaches, let’s just say some who saw her the first time will have some memories of that set that they would rather forget. You can check all the photos from The AU Review website from here.


Travelling down to Bunbury for Groovin The Moo wasn’t the only roadtrip I’ve done recently, I’d also had to travel down to Boddington Western Australia for a project at work I’m currently and it was in the space of 2 days of my Bunbury trip finishing and driving down to Boddington and back. The project I’m currently working on is for Newmont Mining, the site was their Boddington Goldmine (and no I didn’t bring any gold back!)  and this was the 4th time I’ve been down at Boddington and everytime I’ve been down there I’ve always had good co-operation with the crew down there which makes things alot easier and everytime I’ve been down there the accomodation village seems to get bigger and bigger.

Blog Hacked

Now onto something that’s not very pleasant, unfortunately some moron decided it was a fun idea to hack this blog site and try to mess it up, luckly the web hosting company I use for my web hosting needs (ICDSoft) were onto to it and alerted me to the situation. The good news they didn’t do much damage which was good so all the content posted on this site was largely intact, the bad news was that I had reload the entire site from the ground up which was annoying but nessecary to prevent anymore leaks from happening. So it’s back online and I’ve secured it was a stronger password and I’ve beefed up the security settings so if anyone tries this again, lets say they will have a harder time trying to break in.

Anyway that’s it for now, see you soon!

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