Steven Sealberg the elephant seal

“Steven Sealberg” the elephant seal at Sorento Beach having a rest.

So in the last couple of days in Western Australia, we’ve had an teenage elephant seal making himself at home on Sorrento Beach which is quite rare for those living in the Perth metropolitan area. Why? Because its during this time they are hunting off the coast and usually once they have big feed then they find the nearest beach to go and rest.

These animals are usually found in the Antarctic waters and they usually find beaches in the South Coast of Western Australia between Esperance and Albany but for one to land up at my local beach is quite a sight and off course everyone was curious to come and have a look.

So yesterday afternoon I went down and took some snaps of this animal having a snooze, while they may not be National Geographic quality I think I got good ones, anyway you can check them out here.

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